Mar 4, 2006

Infrared Level 1 Certification Course

It's time to escape from responsibility and pressure from the office for a while. A time to get fat with hotel food just as my boss had said for the past week. He even asked me to weigh myself first today and check again how much I will gain weight after the training. Ok, that's plain mean...
That is the sort of disease for engineers in my company where they tend to get fat due to change of DNA(perhaps because of exposure to high electricity) or we just munch up a lot of food while working. Honestly, i did notice that the engineers in action are getting quite fat. I just hope i won't fall into that category yet. So far, I've been walking up and down the stairs with my colleague and get free 'sauna' in looking for the LV switchboards. At first, due to lack of knowledge, I don't have that much fear in doing the site survey and joining the team in doing the servicing. But after a while when I did a bit of reading and get some advice from my colleagus, my fear apparently grew because switchboards can actually blow up anytime and anywhere depending whether you are at the wrong time and place.
I also realised most places that I surveyed, didn't actually follow the rules and regulations given by the government where the maintenance people should do some service maintenance at least every year for cleaning the switchboards and calibration for every 2 years. Some didn't even bother for after 10 years! My goodness, that's the time when I actually felt scared that any of the components can blow up, arcing(because of poor quality of switchboards), electrocuted and so on.
Well, so much about the busy past...Right now I have to be prepared for the Thermographic Training which will be held next week. When I look at the schedule, wow... no wonder boss said I'm going to get fatten up like Hansel and Gretel. Here's what the schedule like...

Registration: 8.30am
Course start: 9.00am
Morning break: 10.30 am - 10.45 pm
Lunch break: 12.30 pm - 1.30 pm
Afternoon break: 3.15 pm - 3.30 pm
Course End: 5.00pm

Wow.. now that's what i call heaven for a week!

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