Apr 2, 2006

Back on track

It's been a while since the day I last blogged. On the first day of the thermographic training, I heard news of my late grandad had passed away and had to rush back to Seremban on the same night itself. My colleague had to send me in the middle of the night as my dad had taken the car much earlier to clarify the news. I was glad that he was there to give some advice and comfort me at the same time on our journey there.

Looking through everything ever since till now, there are innumerable events that I think I cannot fill them up in one blog. Supposedly I had to have some daily ritual of adding my blog but heck, it's always work that became my main excuse.

Still, I have tonnes of work to finish and a greater responsibility was given since I demanded a higher pay which I myself honestly couldn't dare. Of course, at the same time, my meeting with an old friend gave me the courage to demand more. The moment I stepped into my boss' office, I had set a few things in my mind. To demand and clarify the job scope that I wanted in the company is one of them. I've been doing almost all part of the department and my mind is beggining to feel quite messed up and rather forgetfull. I suggested a few simple system in the company to practise so that things won't get rather messy. Fortunately most of the suggestions were implemented.

Tomorrow, I'll be going for outstation to do thermography screening. Of course, this thing will take about a week to finish up the whole factory. Well, I have decided my path in this line and I just let God to decide the rest. Most of the things now has fall into place, and i think this may be the right path I'm going.

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