Apr 30, 2006

"Out of the Box"

Today went out to Megamall for another survey of the company camera. It's really interesting to roam around to all the shops and ask all the shop attendants on their personal comments or preferences on the cameras they're selling. In which I ended up choosing between S ony Cybershot S600 or Olympus FE-150. Hmmm.... Personally, I prefer Sony because I owned one at home. Of course a newer brand is always welcomed for a try. In a way, I'm tempted to suggest the Olympus brand out of curiousity. Hehe. In terms of asking opinions from friends, not many are actually amatuer photographer enthusiast. Even if there are enthusiasts, they would of course tell you the most advance and hi tech camera that I myself cannot afford. Well, I'm more than welcome to receive advice on these 2 cameras. I looked through www.dpreview.com for camera reviews but apparently i found out that the olympus model is too new to review. Therefore, I just couldn't dare to give positive response to the office. Haiya, no need to think lah... Just let them decide between these too and put my mind at ease.

Fortunately enough, I had a friend who came with me to shop out for clothes while surveying for the digital camera. Bought a few clothes which made my wallet kinda bleed for this month especially. In a way, i find it enjoyable to spend it after being cooped up in the house for a long time. We also had a great time viewing this 'out of the box' themed fashion show. What interests me was the background of the stand. It looks kinda cool to and couldn't help taking a few photos of it. I was thinking if i have the money, i would design this sort of display at home. Hehe... Of course, it's just one of my dream house lah in the making.

I really had fun today. (A big smile) Posted by Picasa

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