Apr 5, 2006

Seeing a different view

Cutting the busbar

It’s been the third day of doing the thermographic report. Well, the job was rather slow and tedious since I have to check component by component. The worst part is that I don’t know which component is in a bad condition since almost all the components has hot spot. I think it’s rather unforgivable for the client to see an inexperienced engineer doing a serious job. Fortunately, my client is a gentleman and polite. The good thing is that he gave me some good advise while I did some work. Heh, perhaps because I was a lady doing a man’s job? I honestly say, not many of my girl friends like to do that sort of job where we have to do the site survey in a hot room and sometimes have to stay with the other colleagues or workers.

Ever since I worked in KL, I began see the world in a different view. People who are involved in construction, behind the scenes at hotels, shopping complexes and direct selling. It’s like to see the building foundation of a world where we are in as an end user. In a positive way, I have a feeling of compassion who work hard to earn a living and indirectly, they contribute a lot in giving us comfort where we live in. Of course, in a way some are done in a ‘dark’ way in order to survive. That is the case where I do feel sad how most of us are being used to serve the high status people who do not appreciate that much.

Being with the people who work behind the scenes is a tough job but it did bring some sense of satisfaction in one’s self. When you imagine the end product where people live comfortably and safely, it does make you feel proud to work that you’re doing. So goes to the rest of the people whom I encountered and worked with. I really see them with full respect and admiration.

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