Apr 23, 2006

Taking another step

I got sick after 3 weeks of not enough sleep and finishing 2 reports which i considered it as a 'killer'. So i spent 3 days recuperating at home alone with my colleagues and boss calling me to make sure i'm still breathing or at least being mobile to answer the phone. Honestly, i didn't really take care of myself both physically and emotionally since I live my life somewhat quite mechanical. Live by rules and discipline.. so when the cat is out, my life went a little haywire for a while and at the same time work that demanded a lot of time and at least some efficiency to meet the demands of the clients. Yet, I'm still trying to figure out how to work fast and efficient without endangering my health in future.

After 2 days in bed thinking... I know like most of my friends and cuzzikins would advice me to do. Work will never finish. Focusing too much energy on work will not add up the quality of life. When one's quality of life is achieved, theoretically quality of work can be improved too. I enjoyed my work but I realised one must come back to reality where there are more things than that. That is why today onwards, I'm joining a group of friends to help some fellow university students as a start. Still, I don't know where am I actually heading... It's really difficult to find a sense of purpose in one's own life. The only way is to try one step at a time.

Heh, now I'm off to KL! Posted by Picasa

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