May 29, 2006

Friends & Photographs

I had decided to join my friends to take scenic photos at Putrajaya along with my senior from UPM. The sunlight was just perfect to but we came a little too late where the clouds came in and block the sunlight. It somehow reminded me on how I chase the sunset when I just came back from a site survey. Of course, I was too late when I reached the mound near my home. It was definitely frustrating when you missed the picturesque view of the setting sun.

From there, I learnt to prepare my camera anywhere I go and to take the photo without chasing because for sure you’re going miss it. As Father told me that he and friends went to chase the sunset for 2 hours in Japan, I was amused to know there are such people who are enthusiastic to catch the ‘perfect’ view.

Within the process of taking the scenic photos in Putrajaya, a thought came to my mind on how amazing man and nature blends in and able to construct things which are beautiful.

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