May 7, 2006

A night at UPM Chapel

It was the last day of the semester for the UPM chapel to celebrate its mass. The sermon was about Jesus recognising its sheep and vice versa. As the mass ended, a gush of wind blew around the chapel with purple flowers floating around my friends and I. It was a beautiful sight where I myself couldn't help myself but to take a photo despite of my lack of skills in night photography.

At that moment, I was having a slight depression with work on the path that I'm trying to go to. I knew what i wanted but there are times where I myself was not sure whether it was a right choice. Sometimes it looked bright but most of it, I found it as pointless as it was. It was a time as well where i see religion is just a way of keeping someone's sanity and keeping up one's hopes as well. After the night at UPM, I certainly felt calm when I looked at those flowers floating along with the cool breeze blowing against me. As if, God was so close to give me comfort. Just like the feeling when I'm with my mum and dad. I took my mum's sarong with me just to feel that she's close to me. Hehe... Believing and loving God is not about obeying, keeping sanity or hope like most people describe in emails or in words. Most of it is described in the bible plus there's more than that. Love, something and somewhat I myself cannot describe. To love and to be loved in return is the best feeling one can have. That is how i felt that night... Love Posted by Picasa

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