Jul 23, 2006

Efficiency or Hard Work?

Ever since I started working, seems like I rarely have things done outside especially photography. It is certainly tiring to chase my supervisors to learn and asking people who are still busy fixing of managing their work.
I suddenly wondered why are we so busy working something that I think can be solved systematically. Not only in my current company but also in my previous one. Everybody has been trying so hard to be efficient but why still keep on firefighting? Some just didn’t even bother but to continue to fight. Some just wanted to feel ‘busy’. Perhaps some want to take advantage of getting their overtime during the weekends. These things seems never ending.
When one of the workers asked about quality of life, the superiors in my current company are still trying to figure out how and what is actually its definition. It is certainly quite funny to hear that some regards money is the ultimate thing to gain quality of life and also basically to survive. Now, I’m experiencing this new path of trying to get ‘rich’ in terms of material. Hopefully, I can work efficiently without doing overtime so I can develop my own quality of life. One mistake that I found in new companies or departments, seems like they have no time to make books for training or some kind of backup so that the new engineers won’t suffer that much or like most people nowadays... they just quit. Both somehow must play a role in helping each other. The experienced are to provide proper guidance by sacrificing their time. If not, make a book for the juniors to read refer. The newcomers bear with the torture for a few months and learn things from mistakes. I am new… so I have to do what I actually believe and have said it. Haha…

But then… is this what is happening now in the working world?

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Sir Archibald said...

yup .. I am new also .. ha ha ha .. but luckily I got the chance to do tutoring.