Aug 6, 2006

Had an interesting day of playing paintball where me and my colleagues. Got a few bruises all over but it was really worth the fun. Of course the game was quite expensive so I consider it as "to pay to get me killed". Sweet... This photo is what I had during my 'last supper' with my former company. I'll be putting more photos soon on the new events that had happened both in my former and current place I work. Now, I just started to understand my current job but I know it'll be something more challenging that I have to face. Many times I experienced a sort of fear that I will make mistakes or get scolded by my managers... but after a while it is the type of life everyone is experiencing. Just like paintball, I had 'real' fear of pain on the first game but when the first bullet had hit on my head, it wasn't that bad but to go through this pain and the fear. It made you stronger and to be quite fearful by others. Yes, I scared the managers and colleagues during the game when I 'kamikaze' myselfPosted by Picasa


Sir Archibald said...

I'll be playing panitball this weekend .. and my team are full of retards .. sissies .. excluding me ah

Sir Archibald said...

i mean paintball