Sep 24, 2006

Nocturnal week

Starting from today, it'll be my first week of working night shift in this company. Fear that I will screw up in one night that the production goes haywire... Excited that perhaps it's a moment of peace working without going for meetings and receiving unneccessary stress. Hehe...

This is the second week that I work none stop without having a break during the weekends(I worked both Saturday & Sunday). Most of the time when I worked too late up to 2am or work on Sunday itself I just felt like screaming that this is not worth doing. I suddenly remembered the times when I hung out with my good friends at the kopitiam and chit chat for hours, going out for a stroll at a garden or town to take photos of people and nature, doing charity, outdoor activities and watching movies. Gosh, how much I really missed those memorable moments with friends.

In a positive manner, I appreciate better with my friends and families during the 'break' time outside the office. Even as much as 2 hours with them meant a lot for me. Previously, I took those times with my friends and families for granted since I had all the time in the world during my jobless days. Now I'm working I yearn for the past. Heh, we humans simply cannot satisfy with anything. Well, it's time to move out of the house and go to church and then be at the front line of war.

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