Sep 13, 2006

Something smells fishy...

Ever since I started working in this new company, there's never a dull moment of being bruised, screwed, chewed... in whatever words you can think of.

When I was asked whether I am happy working in this company. I paused for a moment. Thinking...
Most of the time, I've been working with my toes on even after office hours. Trust me, all engineers here are expected to receive an emergency phone call from the company and get back to the office asap. Well, it's almost the same as my previous company but I usually bring my work home and rarely get some sleep. Previously, it was the fear of getting fired since it was not easy to get a job.
Now, I don't have such fear of getting fired since I know where my limit is and how much work I can manage. Working in this company is a big challenge and it is also and interesting 'game' to play. Still, it was not easy as I had made a lot of mistakes during the past 2 months. Reflecting back, I was glad that I was exposed to a lot of things not only in theory on electronics but also in terms in communication, management, flow of work and documentation. I should thank my boss for all the education that he had passed down. If it's not for him, I would have gone back to the previous company.

In conclusion, I answered,"Yes, I guess I am."

(Photo of fish getting the feed was shot by my mum on her visit in KL) Posted by Picasa

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