Nov 6, 2006

Looking Forward...

I was advised by a friend to do something different at least once a week besides work with a purpose to have something to look forward to. Learning a new language, brushing up an old hobby, cleaning the house were one of those things that anyone would suggest.

Previously, I never thought about this matter until a few weeks ago. Eventhough things are getting quite interesting at work, it can be very sickening to make your work as the only thing in life. So, I made the initiative to make my 'off day' as the day that I enjoy most. Photography...

The whole day today, my two good friends decided to travel a little up north of Selangor to experiment our talents at the Sungai Selangor dam. Most of my photos in terms of scenery is quite a disaster.. hehe.... My strong points is when taking photos of people and individual items in focus. Of course, there are some which are considered not bad.

Honestly, Sunday is one of the day I really look forward to in meeting my family/friends to hang out.

- photo of a cat resting after the photo shooting at the Sg. Selangor dam Posted by Picasa

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