Dec 3, 2006

Tresure Hunt from KL to Damai Laut, Lumut

Last weekend, I had a great time in joining the treasure hunt. The group was rather ‘rojak’ since it was really attempt to participate. To be honest, I had no real intention to win the game because I just wanted a few days off in a ‘cheap’ manner and of course to have some fun being out of the factory box.

We left early in the morning at about 7.30am. Little that I know that the members in my group had a lot of experience in treasure hunting (and one of them is a Master). At the start of the game we didn’t rush out like most of the group. It took me quite some time to learn how to navigate the way to the destination where the answers/treasures were. When we beginning to find the answers, our pace begin to speed up and started overtaking others. Of course, I got rather excited with the game because we get the answers easily.

The journey for each question was rather long but at the same time, we manage to pass through a few places to observe the beauty around the area. From the eye sores of the city (I get kinda sick driving in the city and get stuck in the jam everyday) to the greener pastures at the countryside. Any company that has an activity such as the treasure hunt, I definitely recommend the workers to join especially to bring their friends and families. If was a great activity to have fun together.

Well, after the whole trip of finding the treasures… We came second at the Swiss Garden Resort. From there, I found that the first group was also the regulars of the public treasure hunt. Being in the conversation with them, we had a good laugh on the parts how we got lost or some of the items in the map were wrong and outdated.

All the while I thought we may only get second because it’s a comparison of 2 regular hunters in the game. And after bbq dinner near the seaside, I had a real shock on the results. Our group got FIRST in place! Eventhough we register in second at the hotel, we got 100% correct for all the questions. The prize was 3 days and 2 nights at Porto Malai, Langkawi. Most of the other colleagues in the same department were in shock because they never expect that I would win (neither did I).

I really had a great time not only to join the hunt but also to get to know new friends in the group. The experience had certainly open my eyes to another dimension where a simple game like treasure hunting can be both really challenging and fun. At the same time, I won a lucky draw and the production line at the factory was good for at least I can really enjoy my time last weekend.

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