Jan 8, 2007

Student's Mass

Today, I attended the student's mass at St. John's Cathedral. I didn't expect that the numbers were actually good in comparison to the previous ones a few years ago.

It started out with praise and worship which I enjoyed very much.. of course it reminded me of my younger years of singing and doing actions enthusiastically with my uni friends. Gosh, how much I really missed my uni years.

It was followed by the mass which was handled the uni students followed by a presentation about the Kuala Lumpur Coordinating Council(KLCC). I was quite happy to see how much the KLCC had gone through so far compare to the previous years. Still, it depends on uni students on how they support the KLCC.

Just before the mass started, the office called me to come back to work within a few hours. I had enough with it and informed back that there's plenty of support given by my technicians. I only found out that they must have at least one engineer to be taking care of the line. I was rather angry to get this info at the last minute when I have other things in plan. I believed I had things under control since I had informed the technicians what to do.

Even if they need an engineer to come to support the line during the weekend, the management should have seen it coming and asked any of us to come to work before the weekend comes. To get things done right, I'm trying my luck to do what is right... that is to question back what they are asking for. It is not right to have bosses to ask you to come anytime of the week when you're sleeping, on leave or perhaps sick to call you to work. They really need to learn proper time management for this...

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