Mar 25, 2007


Much to my dismay and almost predictable, my departure to US is still yet to be discussed. It'll be either next month in April or May.
Like it or not, I still have to get back to Malaysia on first week of July so I'll most definitely be on the losing side if I fly to US in May. If I get to go in April, I will have a hell of a time to rush myself in getting all the necessary things. Visa, credit card(yes, I still don't have one!) and luggage.
Some of my colleagues were even worst. They had 1 week to prepare under very short notice. This is not the first time I experienced this sort of mismanagement. Yet, I never thought a multi-national company can afford to do so. I don't know for others but another of my friend who worked in another company said that it is normal.
Normal?! It'll be definitely normal when one takes it as a habit and the society will eventually get used to it(i'm not surprised if they embrace it as well). Most companies did complain about undergrads or the youngsters here been hoping jobs like flies. But do they ever think that there's something very wrong in their own organisation? Working late hours, work during weekends, giving instructions at the very last minute, 'tai-chi'(means you pass your job to someone else so you won't be held responsible), lie to people so that they get scared out of their wits..etc etc.
Think about it. It takes 2 to tango. People won't leave for nothing.

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