Mar 3, 2007

Bounce Back... Part 1

When I was reading the book "Bounce Back" from Life Works' Website, I realised that I'm totally not resilient ever since I started working.

Here's why;

1. I feel a sense of purpose in my work or personal life.
No, I don't. I only feel that the place i work in wants to suck up every resource and health that I have to get the production going. I have no personal life anymore. Being out, I worried the office called me back to work. To sleep, I'm worried about tomorrow's production may go down or the staff get emergency leave.

2. My view of the world is pretty positive.
No. My world seems to be in the office only. I expect nothing good out of my work except getting things done. This world do not recognise people who contribute. They can recognise those who know how to sweet talk with the bosses. Same goes to any other company around the world.

3. I have time for things I enjoy, like being outdoors or being with people I care about.
My only outdoor time is at the road and get stuck in the jam. The rest of the time, i'll be at the office. I've lost touch with people I care about especially friends. My family, I'm lucky to be with them twice a year.

4. When I'm faced with a big problem, I usually come up with a solution.
Even if I don't have a solution, I have to make one. No solution is out of the question from the place I'm working.

5. When I need help from a friend, relative, or co-worker, I ask for it.
Yes, I do. I'll get in more trouble if I don't.

6. I take care of myself. I get enough rest and exercise and I eat balanced meals.
No time for that. I reach home at almost midnight. My rest is only when I sleep(if nobody calls me from office), my exercise is when I'm running at the office to get things done, my meals is once a day because i don't have time to have dinner and breakfast.

7. I feel like I'm growing I'm learning new things and facing new challenges.
Always... My office always comes up with new things, new problems, new solutions.

8. I adapt pretty well to change.
Yes, I can... Everytime one person goes off for training, i'll be the one who sustain the place for him/her.

9. My life feels busy and active in a good way.
No, I don't have time for friends and families. So, it's not in a good way.

10. When I'm stressed, I have things I do to help reduce my stress.
The only thing I would do is sleep.

Next step... How to Bounce Back?
There are 10 ways I can try... But I'll continue on my next post.


cibol said...

sounds like ur taking ur job a bit too much. i mean, i guess the place make u work ur ass too much .. not good but what to do? If Im in ur place also i think i would not have any other choice .. i mean, u dun want to be butt out from the company

Kim Bosiwang said...

It's either I stay and change myself so I can blend in or change my job. Being in the company already, it's not easy for the company to butt you out. Trust me on that, when they know you're scared to get fired, they'll take advantage of you saying you'll get fired. The moment you said you want to resign, they'll promise you heaven and earth and praise you like you just saved the world from distruction.