Mar 5, 2007

Bounce Back... Part 2

It was obvious that most of the complaints I have for the past whole year is because of work. Rather than wishing that everything might get better, it's time to make the difference and make a firmer stand against to things that goes against my way.

Recently for the past month, I tried a few experiments in my working place and also outside, I told myself "What's the worst thing can happen to me if I do this". And at the end of the day, "Hey, it's not so bad after all."
Most of the things that made me paralysed was because of the fear. Fear what might happen in the next one hour, the next day and the next year. First few months, I was paranoid because everything that I planned for went wrong. Every little thing became a disaster which was announced by bosses and colleagues. But at the end of the day, all the bangings and threats that scared me half to death turned out to be a hoax.

Feeling cheated? Yes I do feel that. In most places, that's the way of some managers in getting things done. In conclusion, there's no point to be angry that they cheated you but be disappointe if you do the job in the wrong way. Be honest and nobody will blame you. I learned that last month when everyone was not around and I was the only one left to decide whether to the right way or not. It really felt great to do the right thing...

So here are the things to bounce back...
10 Ways to Bounce Back
1. Find a sense of purpose and commitment.
2. Have a positive outlook.
3. Take pleasure in the small joys of life.
4. Take an active approach to solving your problems.
5. Rely on and help others.
6. Take care of yourself.
7. Keep learning and growing.
8. Be ready for change.
9. Be a doer, not a complainer.
10. Work on reducing stress in your life.

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