Mar 25, 2007

CSSUKM Annual Dinner

Aah, another year passed and another new batch of people coming in and out of CSSUKM.

Again after a few weeks of being a 'obedient' hardworking employee, I told my boss that I want to get out of the office 'early' (it's not really early because it's 6.00pm) to attend a dinner with my fellow friends at UKM, Bangi which consist of juniors and alumnies.
I was late for the dinner for 1 hour after going through almost 2 hours of jam and went to the wrong golf resort. I went to Kajang Hill Golf Resort rather than Bangi Golf Resort. *Darn* Fortunately, I was on time to have a 'quick' dinner and get to see their performance.
The theme for this year was 'Masquerade' where everybody had to wear their mask to the party. I had no time to get one but oh well, it's a time out for me to put my 'mask' down from the office(if you know what i mean). :P
Observing the students who made so much effort in organising the dinner, those who came elegantly, reminds me of the past. I really missed those times where I was surrounded by familiar friends. Kopitiam anyone? ;-)

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