Apr 23, 2007

Be at Peace...

It had been a hectic week and it was finally over after I straighten the whole situation with the US embassy. I definitely say they did a fine job in responding my emails and of course tremendously patient with me on the enquiries that I gave them for the past few days.

Right now, my dad returned back to Sabah. So... I'm all alone and 'free' hehe... Of course I'm not going to do anything crazy that would jeopardize myself (Dad, I hope you're reading this).

It's time to catch up with some of my old friends and update what had happened during my 'disappearance' for 2-3 months. Besides that, I may want to continue my plans to take more photo shots somewhere. Still, depends on who am I going with since not many of my close friends/colleagues are keen with photography.

Well, it's time to plan ahead for my preparation to US. If still plenty of time, Batu Caves may be my next aim to venture around. Hmm, time to pull in some friends.

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