Apr 16, 2007

Ceci et celui...(this and that)

I passed my visa interview a the embassy but left out with one more document. I don't want to elaborate more what actually happened. It's far too depressing to think of it.

Depressing to think I work with a foolish emporer who thinks he had a beautiful costume to show off at the parade and yet he's actually naked. Being the person saying that he had no clothes had put me to the gallows.

For the past few months, I have experienced first hand the meaning of no leadership at all.
A leader who plan short term which made people had to do fire-fighting to their last breath.
A leader who is selfish of himself that he told people to follow his schedule in coming to work as early as 7 am. God knows what time we can manage to get home if there's some issues come up.
A leader who doesn't bother much of his workers until they give the resignation letter.
A leader who has no vision is the worst of all. We just work like a headless chicken.

On a positive note, I learned a lot of things through the hard way. It'll definitely be a harder and slower journey in comparison to others. I just have to remind myself, "Real prayer always does one of two things; It either frees us from the trouble we fear, or it gives us the strength and courage to meet the trouble when it comes."

Right now, i'm in trouble - which should be a good thing?

*At Sepang F1 Circuit*

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