Apr 30, 2007

Lamai Kaamatan

I cancelled my plans to go to Batu Caves yesterday and decided to follow my friend Carol to see the Kaamatan(Harvest) Festival at Flamingo Hotel organised by KDCA Klang Valley. I never expected that there were so many Sabahans here until I attended it for the first time. It really filled up the whole hall until we couldn't find a place to sit.
Fortunately, we stole a few seats for reserved guests who actually never come for the event.
One of the few familiar people back from home that I recognise were

1. Abu Bakar Ela - I never appreciate his sense of dressing plus showing off his 'perkampungan'(someone who never been out of the village) style. Even his jokes were rather corny. I don't know whether we Sabahans ever quit laughing on the same jokes year after year. Still, it did remind me of home.

2. Pairin Kitingan known as the 'Huguan Siou' which means the leader of the kadazandusun community.

3. My hometown friends from Tuaran

4. Unduk Ngadau - Beauty pageants was of course one of the main reason people come and attend this festive event. It was related to the legend of Huminodun of a woman sacrificed herself for the people who were dying of starvation. Well, that's how the festival came about. Good thing the contestant of my choice is the winner :)

After all that event, I just felt homesick... I dreadfully miss the faces, languge and the friendliness of the people back at home.

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cibol said...

just around the corner .. an advance wish for u .. he he he