Apr 7, 2007

Preparation to Arizona

Okay, I found out I've been tagged but still yet to understand.
Let me see how it goes...

My next coming soon trip will be at Tucson, Arizona. Which suppose to be at summer during this time. I'll be there for 2 month for on the job training given by my company. After the training, i'll be 'clipped' with my 'beloved' company for 1 1/2 years until some prince charming would be willing enough to pay the bond hehe...
The whole trip would cost me a lot of money. According to my personal calculations, it'll cost me 20 - 30k per month on acommadations alone. I'm too scared to imagine to add up the total price of food, petrol and car rent.

Thanks to my dear cousin B who's going to Madrid soon.

I cannot think of anybody who travel. Sorry.

*Photo of Berjaya Times Square*

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