May 20, 2007


The gang on a big rock

It was a quick decision of going one night camping to Mount Lemon after enjoying ourselves hiking up the mountain last week. So we started asking our colleagues from Tucson to borrow some of their camping gear (sleeping bag, axe, tent etc.) and some advice on the does and dont's while camping in Mount Lemon.

In less than a week, seems like the department where my colleague and I were working knew where we were going eventhough it was only a night trip. It did scare the shit out of me on the bears so one of the advice that our friends would say was to push one of the guys to the bear and run off. Ha ha... Well, the possibility of meeting a bear is quite rare but in case it came.. just gather around in a group and wave while making a lot of noise.

Group photo with our tents

Started out late from our apartments because one of our colleague was stuck with work. Even with 3 people left off early to Mount Lemon, it was very hectic to build up the tent (especially the guy's tent) because it was night time already. At the same time, we just joked among ourselves how sad to see a group of engineers couldn't put up a decent tent. Well, it was decent enough that the tent didn't collapse while the guys were sleeping. Fortunately the girl's tent was much simpler and smaller.


Among all the people around the camping ground in Mount Lemon, we're the last to set up the tent, the last to have dinner(only have dinner almost midnight) and the last to sleep (2am). We had learnt our lesson not to leave late and at least get a picture how the tent suppose to look like when it's built. It was silly but fun as well. On theway back, we had a blast observing nature's spectacular beauty where we cannot find back in Malaysia.

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