May 30, 2007

The Grand Canyon

The trip to the Grand Canyon was the trip I almost missed out due to some miscommunication. I was lucky enough that there was enough space to slip into with my colleagues. Just like the movies and photos that i've seen, the real thing had live up to the expectations.

Wowowow!The first sight of Grand Canyon!

Upon reaching the Grand Canyon, my mouth was left open for a few seconds because of its sublime beauty. I was just utterly speechless to see the greatness of nature which I never really thought possible. In Malaysia, I'm sure there were plenty of nice places but most probably I would have just taken it for granted because I live with it everyday for the past 25 years. That would be the same for the locals in Grand Canyon.

Just don't look down :-P
One of the things I fear most was heights. Because of wanted to join with my friends, I finally had the guts to walk through some rocks(with some help of course by screaming at them to wait for me). You cannot imagine the satisfaction of being able to join with a group of friends in sitting on a big rock with a few hundred feet below you.
Being there for a few hours is not enough especially for a hiker. I was not entirely satisfied being there. But I had to rush to Las Vegas before my friends and I got too tired of driving. Well, to be honest I didn't drive hehe..

A map of the location in Grand Canyon

Looking at the view around the area, I suddenly remembered a few songs sung by John Denver and some of them related to here. Being here, it felt like a song and somewhat magical.

Tired of walking
There's nothing to worry on finding any acommodations here. Just make sure you book a place before you plan to drive or fly to Grand Canyon. In terms of souvenirs, i rather just buy T-shirts. For jewelry, I think it's kinda expensive... I'm now considering of going to the native american's place to get cheaper souvenirs which was made originally by them.

One of the hotels

If you love hiking, being with nature and at least some stamina to walk and climb... This is one of the best place to go. And also one of the greatest wonder of the world....

More of Grand Canyon

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