May 30, 2007

Las Vegas the Sin City

What happened in Vegas, remains in Vegas. Those were the words which i encountered on the T-shirts sold at the shop. I never thought gambling would go that far until i see the nightlife here. In this city itself, i can consider myself of traveling the world since every hotel represents a theme like New York, The Venetian, Paris and so on. It'll definitely take another few days to actually comb through Las Vegas to see everything.

New York New York
The nightlife here was also quite enjoyable because of the lights and performances given in every section of the street. You'll definitely love the lights and the music being played around the city. I can some of the places have rather good speakers to listen to the advertisements or music clearly.

Casino Royale

One thing that I kinda regret is not being able to watch Cirque de Soliel. More than 3 places are giving their performances with different themes. Sigh!

Near Ceaser's Palace
Well, everything here is almost like Disneyland but you can feel that everyone around besides the tourists are just fake. We don't know what is hiding behind the faces of the performers or people working around there. It looks like a tough life to survive in Las Vegas.
Still, it's worth coming to to feel the life around here. It's totally like in the movies where we always watched about Las Vegas.
The nearest I can get to Paris :P


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Jani said...

wow, kimmy, u are really enjoying there! how i wish i can join u