May 17, 2007

First week at Tucson, Arizona

At Tucson Airport

Howdy pardner!

Those were the words which seems familiar in a small cowboy town in US. I didn't really expect the spelling would be that way but that's how the way it is.

On the first week, it was quite a shock that i have to experience the heat and dryness. It drove me crazy just to breath the dry air which made my nose almost bled. For skin, good thing i bought moisturizers and sun block to reduce the blow from sun burn before I came down to the hottest city in america (as I was told by someone).

Mount Catalina

We had some adventure by going to the foot of Mount Catalina(as the photo above) where we could see almost the whole city of Tucson. Coming there at 5 pm was not really a good idea since the heat here will come to its peak would be at 5pm. We had to try to avoid to touch the metallic part of the car (esp seat belts!) because you'll probably get a 2nd degree burn.
Then, another favourite spot was at Mount Lemon... There were more vegetation and much cooler air. You can see the changes on the type of trees growing around the area as you drove higher to the mountain. I really thought that we had to do some serious rock climbing since i looked at the photos that my colleagues took on their last trip. Upon reaching to the place, it was a great relief to realise it wasn't so hard after all.
The beauty of the area there really made your heart beat stopped as you observe more of the area.
Typical view at Tucson
The area in Tucson was just beautiful. Eventhough there's no grass around the area (of course, since it's a desert) there were patches of wierd plants that I've never really seen before. Even with the familiar ones, it was simply beautiful because of the flowers that grew abundantly. Since it's the season between spring and summer, it tends to be that way. One thing i liked about here was the air was filled with the sweet scent of flowers. It's just overwhelming.

Mount Lemon

Panoramic view of Mount Lemon


CarolPD said...

howdy Kim:)
Nice to hear from u..
hope ure able to cope with the hot weather there.
So what it is like to be faraway from home??hehe
take care

cibol said...

hey cool .. ha ha ha. I wish i can go around also ..