May 26, 2007

Old Tucson Studios

When I was in my primary school years, I used to love to watch the cowboy movies where there's some gun fires and horses. It's a wonder why i couldn't get tired of these when I was young. One of the place that one must come when reaching to Tucson is the Old Tucson Studios. That's where most cowboy movies were made.

Old Tucson Studios
I think it'll cost you about USD17.00 fee to enter the place. I can say it was worth it because there'll be a tour, free rides on the horse carriage and a sketch show of some ppl shooting at the scene.

One of the shows
There are also shops that sells fox skins and souvenirs which are quite reasonable. I didn't manage to buy any since i don't feel comfortable buying skins with the animal's head attaching to it.

As for the shows, I love watching the can can. It was tremendously entertaining. Once the show was over, my friends and I manage to get some photos with the performers at the bar.

It took 3 times to take photo with them
Well, this will be one of the places I would recommend one to go. It's fun, it's hot and it's worth it.
Nice horsey...

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