Jun 13, 2007

San Diego Adventure

I suppose to add a lot of pictures and description on this part but the network in my apartment is just bad. Everytime I think there's an opportunity to load it just cut off because of the low signal strength.

In the end I only manage to load only one which suppose to be the last photo of the whole adventure. 3 days in Sand Diego was definitely not enough because it'll need one whole day to actually finish up one park. Within 2 days last weekend we managed to go to 3 places. There were Sea World, USS Midway, Little Italy and the beach near Mission Street. It was really a happening place and the weather was so nice during the summer.

It was between 60 to 70 Farenheit. More or less like in Genting Highlands only with the sun shining straight at your face which can easily cause sun burns within a few hours. I got mine on my neck because I forgot to put the sun block on my neck in the first place.

The journey to San Diego was just magical. It was surprising to see nature's design to be so different and strange in comparison to Malaysia. I'll load more when I manage to get online again.
Having fun within the big rocks

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