Jun 15, 2007

A Splash at Sea World, San Diego

When my colleagues and I were planning to go to San Diego last weekend, most of the locals would recommend to visit at Sea World. If anyone wants to plan to go there, try to make up one whole day(and maybe night if you want to watch the night performance and fireworks) to be there.

One place that cannot be missed was the Shamu Show(shamu is known as a killer whale) which they called the place Believe. It will be the same place where the rock concert being played during the night. Make sure to take the front seat so that you can experience of being splashed by shamu. Too bad I was not close enough to get wet. Haha... If one is afraid to get wet better take the back seat or get a rain coat beforehand.

Just arrived before the show
For a start... I never expect a shamu can be so BIG. Imagine that I've been watching things on a smaller scale which is the tv. So being there in US for the first time, I was shocked to see the size of the people and food... what more for a killer whale in Sea World. An animal with that size being able to jump above water was spectacular. Too bad I only manage to get wet on my foot when it was jumping around the pool.
Reminds me of Free Willy
While waiting for other performance to start, we also took the chance to hold a lot of sea animals like dolphins, star fish and so on. You can learn a lot here compare to reading books and watching tv. Yes, by watching tv it definitely help but once you're there, it'll just stick in your mind for as long as you are in good health. I never know that sea animals like dolphins and bat rays can feel so soft and smooth.

Let's touch the bat rays

Below is one of the performance made by the seals and walrus. This one was just hilarious. It really made you feel like a kid again. To be honest, I never had such a feeling back in Malaysia eventhough there were actually some parks available. One thing because I have to pay for every ride or every show in the park itself. Unlike here, almost all of the rides and shows are free. It's really worth the ticket for the whole thing. I don't know whether its because we are so poor to pay the lump sum or it's more reasonable for us Malaysians to pay that way. Even if we pay that much, the maintenance and performances given were not on par at all.
Clyde and Seamore's Risky Rescue
The arctic was also available in Sea World. There's a place where they make you 'believe' that you actually ride on the helicopter to get to the arctic. Obviously it was just a simulation but I can say they were real enough to make you scream when you see that you're going to crash more than once(which eventually not).

Polar Bear
We ended our day at Sea World with another Splash! at the Journey to Atlantis. At first I was the only one who lined up to take the ride. Aparently it was scary enough just to look at it but of course, i don't want to spend time regreting myself for not riding on it in the first place. Fortunately 2 more colleagues came because they didn't want to miss out. Only when I was on the ride itself my mind was screaming "Oh My Gosh! Why am I so crazy to get on a ride like this!" with a tinge of regret as well when that thing starts moving upwards. The next moment saw was we're shooting down drastically to the water. It didn't end there... We eventually screamed our way through when the ride went into the building and collapse followed by another ride going down the tower at high speed.
At the end of the ride, a sense of satisfaction just rushed into my head. Once is enough....but it's really worth the thrill.
Getting wet again!

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