Jul 3, 2007

New York! New York!

Just arrive at New Jersey

I can't believe I finally reached to New York! It was a 3 hour flight from Tucson which cost me a bomb for flight and place to stay. Even worst, we stayed in Newark which costed me even more money. What we did was to travel by bus and subways as it was the cheapest(and slowest) to get to New York. Through the road less travelled we saw more things around from New Jersey through the bridge or ferry to New York itself.
The architecture in New York was spectacular. It was a mixture of old and new buildings which i can't describe. As for my own country, most old buildings were not as big and some of them were replaced with new buildings (esp. for shophouses).
Touching Statue of Liberty
One you cannot miss is to have a look at the Statue of Liberty. There is a ferry that will bring you to the Liberty Island and Ellis Island. It'll cost you appx. USD13.00(including tax) to get there and you can use it as to travel between Battery Park, New York and Liberty State Park, Jersey City.
A park near Chinatown
Another popular place that I went was Chinatown. Since I always heard it from tv or movies, that was how I was interested to go there. Next to Chinatown was Little Italy where the american born italians live there. It's a must to try some italian food there. And it can be a little pricey too. If you can't stand eating foreign food, you can always try the Malaysian food ( i found 3) too. I don't know how it tastes like but the restaurant called Nyonya near Little Italy was considered good. Most Malaysian restaurants were managed by chinese for your information.
Malaysian Restaurant Next to Little Italy
Eventhough being in the metropoliton city like New York, the people can be as rude and as bad as they want. There were a lot of rush and stress around to survive. Most of the roads were not as clean and most of the area seems like a slum. It's almost the same as in other cities too in all over the world.
My colleague and I also stopped at a place where the World Trade Center had collapsed. Till now, there are still people placing flowers at the gate or on the side of the road...maybe for remembrence for their love ones or maybe as respect. When I look around the place, I saw there's contruction coming out from the area. It's good to see that things somehow goes on. And at the same time, I do feel sad for the victims of the 9/11 incident. Up to now, I just cannot comprehend why some prefered violence to show their cries or just out of spite.

Leaving flowers at World Trade Centre

On a lighter note, we ended our day at Central Park which was really really big. You won't feel that you're actually in the city until you walked out from the park. There were 2 zoos, a few ballparks, lakes and 2 large museums on the side.

In front of the Metropoliton Museum of Art
When I entered these museums, I can say that, "Now that's what I call a real museum!". They were really really big. Well, presented and well explained. It definitely took a lot of money to build and to maintain the place. It costs about USD10 to enter and worth every penny of it. I manage to enter last museum below for free since there's only one hour left before it was closed.
Inside the American Museum of Natural History
If I have another opportunity, I would love to go there again and this time to travel on uptown of Manhattan and maybe include the trip to Niagara Falls(which will take me 10 hours ride on bus from New York). It's a wonderful place to visit and Summer time would be the best time to go.


cibol said...

did you get to see transformers?

Kim Bosiwang said...

Nope...the movie tickets here are kinda pricey.

cibol said...

i bet the screening is better also

Dena E said...

new york is a place to go other than LA. we can always go again Kim. I also didn't go to Niagara but spent 4 days in New york. I think me and my sister managed to cover almost everything.( comment,comment nie,hope you still remember me kim)