Aug 31, 2007

Congrats and Happy Golden Anniversary to Malaysia

I guess it is a great time to say something auspicious on this special day.
Not only we're celebrating 50 years of independence, but also to a few of my close friends who had graduated recently in UPM.
Although I'm not a UPM alumni, it was an honour and also a great day to meet them for the last time in the university before they leave to the 'dark side'.
I'm just kidding for the fact that the outside world is not entirely dark. Generally, the first job can be quite a nightmare for almost all fresh grads. But for those who had a great time on the first job, I do feel jealous at times....Ah well, it's the path that one has to go through.
As long as there's no regrets, it's a path which is worth experiencing.

Anway, congrats to all of you!

Group photo with the whole gang
Iris and I (She's going for masters)

Michael and I (He has just finished his Phd and currently working)

From left: David(still pursuing his studies for Phd) and Greg who just finished his Masters...will be working in Singapore

Janice and I.. She'll be getting married in Sept ;)

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