Aug 13, 2007

Expectations and more so-called adventure

Japanese Chee Chong Fun at SS2, PJ

Most probably because of the USA stint for 2 months makes me yearn for more things to do rather than work and staying at home. It's been almost a month and so far I've been going home quite early(and to work very early) to avoid the traffic and getting things done.
The best part, I spend more time outside of work to do the things that I enjoy to do. Not to say that I am just as active when I was in US but at least I'm catching up with my life. At moderate level. But... before things are getting a little wee bit comfortable, i was approached by my supervisor regarding to what the management's comments and expectations. I guess, that's how things are when you are sent to overseas... the company expects me to perform and develop some high tech projects to increase productivity and yield. To be honest, I am scared. I don't feel that PREPARED or that GOOD in comparison to the other colleagues. Geez, I don't know.
I had a long thought about this matter...
One, I'm not going to sacrifice my health for nothing just like what happen on my first 8 months.
Two, I'm going to do things more efficiently and productively(by not panicking, haha).
Three, whatever work or important matters needs to be done... I'll go home by 5 pm and have my 2 days off(without bringing home any work).
Well, i feel slightly happier compare when i first started. I even felt like I wanted to gang up with some friends to have a tour in or out of town.


Tine said...

My travels to Japan has taught me one thing - I have more life in a country which I couldn't speak, write nor understand the language than my home country! Weird eh? Of course, I worked a lot more, and a lot harder there, compared to here, but I still had more life there. It's simply ironic.

I think it's a great opportunity to let your supervisor know about how the management is like over in the US, etc etc. I'd say, "taruh kao kao" :p

And yeah, most importantly, don't let work consume you :)

charmedcookie said...

welcome back! glad to hear you are happier now. live not for other ppl's expectations!

Jack said...

From my personal experience, the reason why one thinks one have more life in a foreign country (irrespective of language) is that one will find time to go visit places in the time one has there. We do not stay in on weekends when overseas.
As an example, sometimes, we can describe Jewel cave in Western Australia better than Gua Tempurung. Yet, Gua Tempurung has so much more to offer.

Make it a point to go out when able. If there is something you want to do or some place you want to visit, don't procrastinate. You will have a must better outlook on life.

Looks like you have had a fulfilling time in the US. Welcome back.

cibol said...

hey, ur back! :) I'll be in KL on the 22nd