Aug 5, 2007

The last journey at US

I suppose to update so many things on my final days at US but I had to rushed back to work and return what belongs to the company(including the laptop).
So back to the rushing days of work where i get bitten and chopped in the company I'm working in. Haha...

So, my mum, aunt and I spent the final week in the US to the City of Angels (known as Las Angeles) in California. We had both enjoyable and stressful time together since we didn't manage to book any tour before leaving from Tucson. In a way, I can say we saved quite some money throughout the journer by using a taxi instead of joining the tour. By joining the tour, it had to be paid perperson instead in a group.

One place that should not be missed is Universal Studios. I know there are more than one of it especially in Japan, but so far (according to my mum since she went to Japan recently) she enjoyed it in LA because it's in English and there were more things to see.

At the entrance

After going through the entrance, I really felt like a kid again. Most of the movies were made in that place alone and you'll be surprised all the things that they used to make the effects come to life. I even say King Kong almost attacked us in the subway during our tour. It's a MUST GO place when you're in LA. There's also some cool performance made by the characters of certain movies like Spiderman and so on. Don't miss it if you happen to love any of the characters.

Ladies performing

Next would be in Disneyland. It's of course much smaller than Disney World. If I happen to have kids with me, it's worth going to. Most of the rides are suitable for younger kids. A 'kid' like me might look at it as too kiddy. Only once at Disneyland would be enough for me to go there. The only thing I like there would be the parade and fireworks.

Crossing for Toons?

Along the way, we drove to San Diego to see our relatives who had migrated from Sabah.
I didn't manage to load the photos yet but maybe next time.
We had a great time at the zoo. It was the biggest and also the best zoo I've visited.
It'll take more than a day to go around the whole place. Comparing to the zoo in Kuala Lumpur, I feel like that zoo have to be shut down and send the animals free or to other zoos that can take care of them.
The cages in Kuala Lumpur is dirty and small. I really pitied the animals there from the last time I visited the place. I don't know about now but I don't have such high expectations on the locals here with their 'civic' mindedness.
To be honest, being in the US made me realise how much my own country is lacking of. Most of the things that I was told and taught about US and other developt countries, are mostly wrong. It is best to be there to experience and from there, you'll know what is important for you and for the sake of others.

Mum and I at San Diego Zoo's entrance

Panda sleeping on trees


Dena E said...

wah..why you look so garang..panas ka kim? you must have enjoyed your US working trip very much.

Kim Bosiwang said...

I was squinting :-P
It was summer time so memang panas lah.. Yeah, enjoyed it very much!