Aug 19, 2007


I just finished watching this movie with my friend at MidV after work. It was really enjoyable movie as my friend and I had been laughing throughout the whole show. Looking at it, there are a few good messages in terms of family and following your dreams.

The only thing I can see is the 'negative' part. Well, I'm just being funny.. heheh
To be in a restaurant infested with rats seems to show that the food there was good.
Reflects me of the time when I had a chat with a few of my close friends on where to eat out.

We rarely go to 'clean' places as the food didn't taste good are look nice.
We would always go for the areas which was old and can sometimes be a little dodgy. Yes, I can see big rats running around the road and sewers while eating my meal.

Still, it depends on where you come from... Coming back from the States, I'm quite used to eating at clean places. When back to KL, I lost my appetite for food as it looks dirty and preferably don't want to look how the cook cooks his food. I've been cooking at home most of the time since then. It'll take me some time to return to the norms of eating at 'dirty' places.

From the movie itself, it showed a few good things on cleanliness. Remy was serious on keeping its hands clean. It showed through teaching his family to keep/get clean when they helped him to cook in the kitchen.
I was touched from the way Remy's family supported him. Being supportive towards each other between friends and families makes a lot of difference. With support in both work and your life, it puts a deeper meaning to your own perspective.
Remy and Emile at the Parade (they are so cute!)
Have a break and enjoy the movie!

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