Sep 16, 2007

Out of reality...

Complaints and rants are obviously from work. Sometimes it's just beyond the limits that I just want to throw sombody out of the window(instead of me :-)).

Thank goodness for the weekends that at least I can let my mind off of work.
Last week, met some old friends and joined a treasure hunt organised by MIRC .
We called our group as MTBM-Mana Tau Boleh Menang (who know's can win).

Of course, we'd lost heeheh. The questions were tough and most of the players can be considered experienced.
I even saw one of them who has been known to participate the Treasure Hunt almost every week.
Anyway, it was really fun. 2 of us had to search through transport and the other 2 had to travel through public transport like a race. It drove us nuts just to get the answers.


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