Oct 3, 2007

Ramadhan Market and the Raya Blues

During this month of Ramadhan, I managed to go out and walk around Putrajaya with my dad for the Pasar Ramadan (Ramadhan market).

Since it was considered popular in the papers we wanted to see what is interesting going around there. One thing, a really large space was taken to accomodate a lot of stalls.
This is only 1 quarter of the area I've taken
The food which was sold were typically Malay food. Typically it'll be Roti John, rendang, curry, beriyani rice, etc etc.... In my eyes, their food was all about chillies, curry and coconut milk.

I think she's preparing nasi lemak(fatty rice?)
Well, we did buy something out from the stalls. And the price was not really cheap as well. Most probably i'm so used to buying food at the cafeteria, I was beginning to forget the real price of food in the outside. Still, it was worth buying something different other than canteen food. It was so boring, i ended up eating only fruits instead.

Roasted chicken
In my younger years, I did enjoy going out to the market to buy some food which was so much different compare to what my mum cooked. But now, I guess it's rather different when I started working and worried a lot of unnecessary things. Raya season used to be one of my happiest times... but now, it's the time i most dreaded (esp when you work in a place that needs 24/7 of operation time plus more than 80% are going to take leave for a week!!)
Which means, i have to replace for hell a lot of people.

Drinks anyone?
Now, i'm just trying to enjoy the moment of so-called peace at work before i get thrown down to hell(which is next week)...


charmedcookie said...

just make sure you take a longer well-deserved leave for CNY!! :P

Kim Bosiwang said...

I sure will! Including Christmas. Heheh... :-D

cibol said...

yeah, take a longer one. I've not been to any bazaar ramadhan just yet .. and raya is like in another week .. ha ha ha