Nov 15, 2007

Oh no, I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by osindak and Dena.. haiya...

Okay here are the Rules that have to be followed:
1. Link your tagger and post three rules.
2. List eight (random) facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

Here it goes:
1. I love taking photographs.
2. Every blog I posted must have a photo in it.
3. I love dogs and planning to have either a labrador or golden retriever 'soon'. If I have enough space...
4. I love musicals. I don't mind to spend a little more to watch it live.
5. Everytime I go to a bookshop, I would spend hours there. And most probably I would buy several of them.
6. I suck at using makeup. That's I either use it very lightly or not using it at all.
7. My favourite food are steamfish and bamboo shoots.
8. I enjoy travelling but rather lazy to do the planning. I would usually just tag along with friends and families.

Now for the lucky 8 people I'd like to tag hehe...
1. Jamie
2. Bea
3. Tine
4. Cibol
5. Chris
6. Leo
7. Cher


Leo said...

WHy me!?!??!

cibol said...

Done the tag .. ;)

Janice Stone said...

that's a funny picture... may i know the place and what are u doing in the mouth???? (if that is you!)

beetrice said... come your "8 pple to tag" only got seven wan?? :D

Anonymous said...

What on earth is 'tagging' all about?!! Is it something like from Midsummer Night's Dream, tagging people all over the place without any purpose out of it?

zewt said...

no make up is good sometimes... natural beauty mah...

Deana E said...

Thank you Kim..won't tag you anymore since your mom said you work till wee hour.sabar ah, gain the experiences,money and balik sabah then you can join us breakfast!!

The picture is so cool!!!! ini baru ada gaya ambil gambar!!

Kim Bosiwang said...

Leo: SYok ma
Cibol: Hey, that's cheating!
Janice: It's in Universal Studios, LA. Yup, that's me. Just want to take funny photo mah. Apparently there are more ppl doing that as well after I did it.
Bee: Rules are meant to be broken :P
Zewt: I think, I look better without makeup :P
Deana: Yeah, I can't wait to go back to Sabah!