Dec 16, 2007

Shadow of the Day

I was driving my way home from work and heard this song on the radio "Shadow of the Day" by Linkin Park. It is rather different and it did in fact caught my attention to really listen to it. Most probably the tune actually attracts my attention heh...
I come to realise Linkin Park's new song is different compare to their previous music where it's mostly shouting in tune. Still I rather like most of their songs too(which is not agreeable to my parents sometimes).
Well, I'm just reflecting myself all of a sudden when I pondered how Linkin Park changed their music. Christmas & the New Year is coming soon... It is both exciting and sad to embrace it. Part of it is because of the new things to learn and experience... another part of it is losing someone/something you treasured so much.
To be honest, I'm afraid of the future.

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Chris Wee SJ said...

Listen to Carly Simon, "Christmas is almost here." So refreshing and a bit jazzy. I have been listening to it since I bought it... errr.. not from Tmn Megah anymore haha. No one likes the future. The word future itself indicates an unknown. Perhaps just look at ourselves after CSS days. Just see how much we have changed but hopefully it is a change for the good and not what others make us to become. Happy Christmas!