Jan 9, 2008

Is the fire in me burning out?

One of my colleague told me this morning that I've changed. Compare to when we met in the previous company that we worked. I just look sad.... The funny part was that my other colleague thought it was very strange that I looked energetic when I'm working or in a meeting.

Maybe my life has been taken away towards work until I'm not so keen with any other things outside. To make me feel less depressing, I just change my mentality by saying "it's better than wasting time at home doing nothing" Not a very good New Year's resolution but at least it beats the hell out of feeling lonely at home.

I was:
1. Talkative
2. Alert
3. Always debating on something
4. Laughed easily
5. Funny

1. I rather answer, "Oh, Ah, Err and OK"
2. I cannot bother anything around me. Jaded with life I guess. Or I concentrate too much of work.
3. Been there done that attitude. Nothing amuses me much.
4. Sarcastically funny. Hehe..

I need more coal


osindak said...

big hugs... hope things get better kim..

Tine said...

It sounds like you're really burnt out and is in dire need of a break. Morale is very low :( Seriously, Kim, if you don't take a break soon (either from work, or from this company altogether), you'll break down :(


Anonymous said...

It can't rain all the time ;) cheers, we'll meet up in KL, k?