Jan 11, 2008

Seafood Anyone?

There's nothing more satisfying to see your family enjoying the meal that you cook or treat.
Before I went back to Sabah, I promised my brother to have lobster for dinner as a christmas present.
We went to Gayang restaurant which was a few kilometres from home. It was fresh and tasted good(not mentioning the price as well). Can't wait to get back to Sabah again next Christmas...
Buttered Lobster


beetrice said...

wah...looks banyak shiok seh... :D when our treat ah?

Deana E said...

lucky i am not into lobster during my pregnancy kim.if not, pokai la my hubby..i am having a baby girl!!! in case you dunno la hehhe

Janice Stone said...

Kim, you no good lar, make my saliva drop till can flush toilet liaw. hahaha... :p

Kim Bosiwang said...

Beetrice: Can treat you but may need your credit card. Am running out of $$.

Deana: Me know, mum told me as well. Congrats!

Janice: Wait till i publish more food photos hehe.

chris is anakapai said...

wow, kim..that really looks great.
am really looking forward for my trip to KK to climb Mt. Kinabalu this year..hehe

changed my address to

due to some stalker alert..hehe

zewt said...

now... i really feel like having one of those now!!