Jan 14, 2008

Uwaaaa! I lost my Christmas tree!

When I came back to work on the 3rd Jan, I felt there was something missing on my table. "Eh, where's my christmas tree?!" (>_<) It's long gone... I haven't met security yet to find the tree but I also think it won't be easy since it's quite small(you can just hide it in a bag) plus there's no cctv in the office area. Damn... Today, I found something underneath my table..

A Handbag!

It looks nice but I don't know why was it there. Either someone was guilty with the fact I hang a big poster on my cubicle warning the thief that i'll catch him through the cctv or... someone gave this to me as a Christmas present.

To avoid doubt that someone may play a trick on me, I emailed the whole company on who lost her handbag under my table. If not, maybe I'll just take it as my own or let it rot here.


beetrice said...


To the thief: "May your nether regions rot and fall off, and may your children (should anyone be unfortunate enough to cross genes with you) suffer permanent sterility!!"

cibol said...

maybe she want to exchange that with ur xmas tree, no? ;)

Update my link!

Janice Stone said...

oo o o o oh~~~ my condolences~
it's okay Kim, you can still buy the christmas tree.
I lost my scarf here, to be exact, it's my bro in law's scarf, and it's branded, which is super super expensive. damn...