Feb 28, 2008

Mannn… do I turn red with these green signs

Undio Noh Edwin @ Jack Bosi - PKR

Freak Out!!!
Vote For Change
Just Change It!!!


From now on I shall refrain myself from using the same cina sounding words, kim & mum got quite upset when they found out what they really meant. Shhh…. I can still use other forms kan, I think not, my fire is over now.

I nice, nice travel along the good gomen provided road, taking it leisurely, nothing is going to upset me today.

Just follow the informative blue traffic signs, i shall reach where ever I want to go, yeahhhh…

What the....… now calm down boy… out of no where the green traffic signs start to appear

I am stuck, I can’t turn left or right, there is no u-turn. From the distance I can see …toll gate…welcome.
I was just taking a leisure drive, going no where in particular, just driving around to enjoy some scenes, still have to pay meh, what the ..…

Now my point is:
With the last fuel price increment which was quite hefty, I would have imagined the toll operator would have a windfall. Car owners are smart kan, why pay more on petrol when it is cheaper to go through toll, faster, shorter mah. But no, before you can stop cursing, toll also increased, some as much as 60%... nia ma.k…It is been reported that our good gomen still have to subsidise billions in fuel, so as not to burden car owners… what the...…
Given the scenario, I would rather the gomen, stop the subsidy, there will be even more billions in hand to provide alternative/widen-existing highways, good road signs, not the ones leading to tolls. Wonder…had our good gomen ‘appointed’ the right toll operators???....but but…wah extra billions, how to spend har. Catch 22???

Malas saya

Why you people don’t change

Just change it lah

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