Feb 6, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Chew's Wedding - St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, KL

2nd February 2008, the day of the wedding.

Too bad I was not around for the negotiations where the husband to be had to pay up the 'price' to get his bride :( . Just because that we're afraid of being late and lost our way to the church.

The altar

While waiting for the bride and groom on their way to St. Andrew's Church. Most of us spent our time taking arty farty photos around the compound. Also with the people in the church as well.

Tine's family

My cuzzies and I were nervous as well for our performance in singing Jim Brickman's song (Never Alone). Well, I was the only one who didn't come for the 'last minute' rehearsal on the night before so I can say my hands were shaking. Thanks to cousin B and J, they really helped me out(thanks!).
Me, Cousin B & Cousin J
As the wedding started, we rushed to our seats plus some of us dug ourselves through to catch a photo along the aisle.

Father and bride

As the wedding ended, more photos to be taken hehe...

Isn't she beautiful? :)

Bride and her bridesmaids

Lastly, this is my one of my favourite shot. :)
Bride and Groom


beetrice said...

oh come on...we managed!! :D as long as Tine & Tim didn't fall over and pengsan, its all good! *LOL*

Tine said...

Hehe, you girls were AMAZING!! I absolutely loved it, thanks so much for singing at our wedding ;)

zewt said...