Feb 27, 2008

Undio Noh Edwin Bosi - My Uncle


My uncle, Dr. Edwin @ Jack Bosi, is contesting in Penampang Parliamentary seat, the heartland of Kadazan-Dusun-Murut, against GIANT Tan Sri Bernard Dompok

Yup, that’s him in this picture, see any resemblance, guess not, cos I am only half Kadazan. People in Sabah call me Sino, in Pen. M’sia – yellow banana... arrrgh. I can’t speak Chinese meh…tiu nia seng..

Field work camp on wild life conservation
With foreign conservationists & reseachers

Uncle Jack, that’s what we call him, stands on Parti Keadilan Rakyat (People’s Justice Party) ticket. On the word JUSTICE, anger starts welling up…bahgaero, bastardo, #^*>!x....
… soooo many sabahan can’t find work in their state & have to go elsewhere..nia.mah..
… 30 % of sabah population are aliens… tiu
… we have so much resources and we are recognize as the poorest state in M’sia with the largest percentage of hardcore poor… fff
… our natural resources are still being exploited… bastards
… the cost of living is so high, yet being poorest… sh*t
... we have to pay so much for vehicles just to support the national car policy…tiuniaseng..
... we pay so much for air transport before and now airasia & mas are making record profits on reduced fare. (we are sucked!)
... we don’t have a voice without central nodding… chibye…
... with project which cost Rm 200 millions looks like it’s worth only Rm 50 millions… nia mah ka foo lart.
... so much talk on NEP only a tiny fraction reached the real people… cina kui v r fooled.
... we can't do anything without being punished.. nia.mah.ka.h….




P/S: Errrh … actually my dad put out this post, I just arrange for him, never know he is so foul mouthed when angry.


Tine said...

Thank goodness you placed that PS, girl, or I was starting to think, OMG SHE SPEAKS LIKE THAT WHEN ANGRY????


beetrice said...

I have to echo Tine’s statement – was thinking “wah, this woman don’t play play…can curse up a storm!” (either that, or SOMEONE’s designation of us as the ‘devil’s advocate’ has finally come true!)