Mar 5, 2008

Alone again....

Between new and old, joy & sadness.. you decide
My dad is already back in Sabah now.
Well, it's a sad feeling from a hectic and noisy environment turned to silence.
Most of the time, I'm just not in a mood anymore to do anything at home and even outside since I do most of the things with dad and of course anyone who's around the house.
It'll take some time to be back on track and being able to get used to the serenity in the house.
On a brighter note :-)
I have a few things planned for the weekend for a new collection of photos and friends to catch up.
Now, I'm thinking of changing my blog's name and outlook since it has lost it's 'virginity'. Thanks to someone who's keen in adding shocking and provocative items in this blog.
I know for sure if dad actually build his own blog, it'll be hot hot chicken shit(it's a malay proverb which means you'll eventually do things half way just as fast as how shit can cool down). So, I'll just give him some chance to play around with the blog until I decide I want to do with the contents.

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