Mar 19, 2008



The formula 1 season is back, it kicked off in Oz Melbourne’s Alert Park last weekends.
Any casual fans realise this! perhaps not.
Is there no enthusiasm from Malaysian public, it mainstream media, whatsoever? A small dose of it existence appeared in remote corners of papers or a brief account of it towards the end of airwave news.
Is there a boycott that the fans didn’t know or it is mere deterioration on the quality of programs offered by government controlled media.
In year2006, 8TV, broadcasted live, every single events of F1 season. Came year2007, RTM-TV2, replayed most of the events after midnight. This year, it is completely ignored, what we got are a few kids talking about formula 1, in some advertisement, they hardly understand and in a language that we hardly comprehend.
We had a race track that cause hundreds of millions to build and our petronas ditched out hundreds of millions to sponsor it brand name in the BMW team. If they think no one is interested why waste all these money, why not give it to the country’s poor or even buy over some of the tolled road or fund the 2nd Penang bridge. Can we really understand these people who make decisions of our wealth on our behalf, I can’t.
There is more to it than kids talking smart about formula 1, the combination of suspensions, aerodynamics, tyre compound, thermodynamics, driver skill and a whole lot of other technological combinations that make it so exciting.
We spent hundreds of millions to send a single person out to space, for what!!! A monkey and dog had gone out there before any human being. Let us get down to earth and give entertainment it rightful meaning.

I was talking to another engineer friend the other day, who bought a set of new tyres, real cheap! Slightly more than half the price of regular brands. His complaint was it lasted him only 6 months about 8000 km, little did he know that it could be winter tyres, not at all suitable for our climatic conditions.
Millions of Malaysians own a car, some perhaps more, most have to be reminded that unless their car is in tip-top condition, it will crash one day. Will watching formula 1 encourage street racers? I hardly think so, these idiots will race anywhere. Afterall, we know high speed racing is dangerous game, even under proper racing conditions.
I am a Raikinnon fan, thus Ferrari, I follow him because of his driving skill, attitude and no nonsense approach towards racing.
Know what happened in Melbourne? Both Ferrari cars were out (DNF) due to engine trouble and quite obvious that they are not as fast as the Mclarens. The engine failure could be due to revving the engine at top end more than it could bear, in order to match the Mclaren.
Mclaren could also had set its suspension, such that the tyres had better grip but faster deterioration but we never know. It may be a different story if Ferrari had less obstruction and a clearer path to race against the eventual winner.
All in all, Ferrari had wrong strategy in Melbourne.
Do you know F1 will be in Sepang this weekend.
I hope Kimi can do better, though his record here is not as good.

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