Apr 10, 2008


It is becoming increasingly evident that the developed world is trying to cap china influence that comes with its economic might’s, when it unleashed itself to the world.
Perhaps it is fortunate in a way that china is to host the Olympic Games, from here it can be seen, who are the friendly nations that deserve its cooperation for its future direction.
Chinese culture is such that if you extend them an inch, they will return a yard, if you do not know Chinese culture, take it from me that it is gospel to them, deals can be made with a handshake in the past, to them, ‘face value’ is so important.

CNN & BBC are on the prowl again, mixing sport & now religion with politics.
The first 3 countries that the Olympic flame gone through, these countries only made feeble attempt to ensure peaceful demonstrations or perhaps the authorities did not understand what is meant by peaceful or they lack capability to avoid violence, real disappointing.
I couldn’t care less if there are even Olympic games, if such games are going to damage the country's image, more than it benefits, I say, to hell with it. The Olympic thing is a developed world commercialised concept and manipulated to their egos, I say again to hell with it and abundant it altogether. Let it go down in history that China is the first nation to retaliate to their political games. So in future they don’t play-play.

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