Apr 6, 2008

CSSUKM Annual Dinner

It's been 4 years since I left from UKM and kinda lost touch with the Catholic Student Society of UKM. So, I decided to go, not only to see how much CSSUKM had grown but also to update with a few of my old friends that I've not met ever since I graduated.

In one of our conversations, some of us had surprises that CMOKL (Campus Ministry Office of Kuala Lumpur) will be closing down soon. To us, as alumnies, we don't think that it is a wise decision where the real purpose was to get the uni students to get involved with the church community.

One thing for sure, there may be some difficulties for the uni students to commit themselves to serve the church at all times, as it does need quite a lot of commitment. I remembered the time when I was involved with the church in my hometown, my mum and I would go for choir practise, meetings and to give some helping hand for pot luck. This can go on for almost every week.

A romantic view

It is quite sad to imagine if it's really true when the students actually stop having the activities in which most of us, alumnies, think as tradition.

What I love being a part of this, is that all of us have things in common to talk about, especially on the activities done during the CSS, regardless to what year we had graduated. Even with the difference of more than 10 years, all of us felt connected.

Door gifts
Like most people around me say, everything has a purpose. Connections start through annual dinners to emails and then to blogging, I'm not surprised if everyone would take action to voice it out to the archbishop. If he had only known how much CMOKL had build up the people for the society.


Alumnies of CSSUKM


AngelicDemon said...

did u have good time during the dinner?
saw Mr & Mrs Eugene and Victor and Jessica there... Fred too. Hehe...
Am back in Hornbill-land, teaching now.

Kimmy said...

Angelicdemon - Yes, I really had a lot of fun. Looking forward to next year as well. We all should come and have a reunion at the same time ;)

AngelicDemon said...

yeah, i would like that too. However, it depends on the school calendar.hehe