Apr 8, 2008


On Monday, 7th April, in conjunction with the Malaysian PM rare visit to Sabah, all state component parties paid homage to him on this occasion.

Sabah had been ridden with the main persistent problem in illegal immigrants but what is outstanding in this rare opportune encounter with PM, as reported in local daily, is the Federal interference in its allocation of funds for development through its Federal Development Department, the JPPS, money! Money! MONEY!, as it take prominence in local daily reporting.

No doubt, Sabah’s illegal immigrant problem was also mention. The reporting had made it looked like, it was only done in passing.
As reported, in PM's response to, that some of the immigrants had found a way to obtain Malaysian Citizenship documents, PM reply was, there is a unit at the Federal level looking into it.. ... kind of like, it is small matter or is it that this is new information to him and best answered ambiguously.
In the same breath, the PM said, I have directed the new Home Affairs Minister to look into it. It makes you strangely suspicious if the PM knows what is happening in Sabah and its implication to the political future of Sabahan and Malaysian.
On the same subject when asked on progress made by the Special Cabinet Committee on Illegal Immigrant that was chaired by the DPM, PM only believed that the committee had made its recommendation. This knocked the dead nail on his understanding and concern to Sabah illegal problem, he just doesn’t know what is happening here.

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