Apr 26, 2008

I'm a Sino Kadazan..

According to the constitution, I suppose to be a bumiputra sabah as my mother is a Kadazan(one of the ethnics in Sabah) and my dad a chinese (Sino = chinese).
Last year, I was about to make some corrections on my identification card because I was wrongly labeled as Hokkien as my race. Much to my dismay, the registration department tole me and my mum that my race suppose to be a chinese. What the f*ck?!
The main reason was that my dad is a chinese which carries a chinese name of course. The years of arguing and getting the 'surat anak negeri' (- letter to confirm that you're an ethnic in this state) has been forfeited. We were advised to wait for a new type of letter to confirm I'm a bumi and at the same time, I was advised to change my race into Chinese. We just left the office with my IC remaining as 'Hokkien'.
Race has always been quite an issue in this country. It has been overly taken advantage to the extent that people would manipulate it for their own selfish needs. Thus, the poorer and not so popular ones will be victimized. I'm one of them. There are many in Sabah have in fact stolen the bumiputera status through 'connections' and 'bribery' that sometimes I just got fed up fighting for my rights. I know I should but now I'm so far away in Peninsular trying to work for a living.
The best part of being in Sabah, you will be deprived on a lot of opportunities because of the bumiputera policies.
After my experience in the states last year, opportunities were abundance. Regardless of race and religion, you're treated equal. And you still have your pride to yourself and others being who you are (race, religion and whatever).
In Malaysia, laws and politics had confused most of us especially me of who am I suppose to be.
I know who I am. I'm in a process of finding out how to fix this predicament for my IC.
Even if there are parts that I'm not priveleged, I should thank God that the difficulties I come through as a 'non-bumi' thought me to work extra hard.


Deana E said...

aiya, sona will be like you la kim..mix mix

Kimmy said...

deana - Better be extra careful oh. It'll be tough to handle.

Owner of The Blog said...

Eh let me know la if you ever manage to settle the thing. I'm having the predicament too. I couldn't get my mom's NT Land Title to be registered to mine after she passed away, even though I'm the only child and it says in the birth cert. My birth cert is the Sabah birth cert cuz I was born and bred there. It's so depressing to solve this issue esp now that I've moved to KL to find better living.

Anonymous said...

hi there...i just saw your post and i would like to ask few questions. I am a sino kadazan too, dad is hokkien and mon is kadazan. I have chinese name on my ic. Lately i am thinking of getting my bumi status so wat can i do? where shall i apply? Do you tihnk it is possible for us to get the status since we are half bumi?

Kimmy said...

Owner of The Blog & Anonymous - I've added a new post which may help you out. http://kimbosiwang.blogspot.com/2011/01/im-sino-kadazan-ii.html